Mortgage Rate Update for Texas | October 12

Mortgage Rate Update for Texas Oct 12

Mortgage Rate Update for Texas. October 12,2018.  Mortgage rates held steady this week with lots of volatility.  This was driven by the stock market, news from China that they may start selling US mortgage backed securities, and jobs numbers. Now may be the best time to purchase as home in Dallas Texas due to the increase in homes […]

Understanding Your Divorce Mortgage Options in Texas

Divorce Breaks your heart

Understanding your divorce mortgage options in Texas as it is a little different than other states. If you are going through a divorce, mortgage issues need to be addressed and taken care of if the two of you own a home together. Even if your divorce decree states one spouse will be responsible for the […]

Online Bargains That Are Too Good

finance looking for bargains

Online Bargains That Are Too Good to Be True By Ilya Kneppelhout, Online shopping could be hazardous to your wealth—and your health. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog agency, found that many products sold by third-party sellers on popular websites such as and were counterfeit—and dangerous—and were often […]

Mortgage Rate Update For Texas October 5th 2018

Mortgage Rate Market update for Texas 10.4.2018

Mortgage Rate Update For Texas October 5th 2018.    Get your no obligation quote today at or call me at 214.945.1066 Mortgage Rates are Trending Higher. If you are looking to buy or sell or consolidate your debt.  Call me today.  I work with the best Realtors in Dallas/Fort Worth and all over Texas. Richard Woodward, […]

Mortgage rate update for Dallas Texas September 28th 2018

Mortgage Rate Market update 9.28.2018

Mortgage rate update for September 28th 2018.  Get a quick quote.  Ask me about the best mortgage rates for Dallas Texas and all of Texas. Mortgage rates are at a 7-year high due in part to the Fed increasing interbanking offering rates a.25% this week. I can help most home owners with a no […]

Mortgage Rate Update for Dallas Texas | September 21, 18

Mortgage Rate Market update

Mortgage Rate Update for Dallas Texas September 21st 2018.  Mortgage rates are trending higher this week and look to continue that trend absent some unforeseen event. The yield on the 10 year bond has reached a 5 year high which normally signals higher interest rates. The Fed has been scaling back its purchases of mortgage-backed securities and […]

Dallas Texas Mortgage Rate Update September 14th 2018

Mortgae Interest Rates

Here is your Dallas Texas Friday Mortgage Rate Update for Week ending 09/14/2018. From Zero Down to $3Million Jumbo.  I offer, Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, Construction, Renovation, and special loans for Divorcing couples.  I can help you know what is the best program for you.  Find some of our loan options here. Get your free […]

Qualifying for a mortgage when getting a divorce in Texas. Qualified divorce income calculation.

pieces of the divorce lending puzzle

Qualifying for a mortgage when getting a divorce in Texas. Qualified divorce income calculation can be very tricky. Often times in a divorce and mortgage situation there are various types of income to consider: Employment Income; Alimony/Maintenance Income; Unallocated Maintenance Income; Child Support Income; Property Settlement Note Income; and more. Although all sources of income […]

Dallas and Fort Worth Home Prices and Sales Down

Single-family median home prices July 2017 versus July 2018

Dallas and Fort Worth home prices Market Report July 2018. This information looks to indicate that the housing market is somewhat slowing, or rather, returning to normal pace.  The Dallas market still continues to be a very attractive place in order to purchase your next home. Continued economic growth will keep housing demand strong for […]