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Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Options and Education

Reverse Mortgages This article will provide information about reverse mortgages from a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Richard Woodward. It will include what you need to do to qualify, when you must repay the loan, and what could trigger a foreclosure. What is a reverse loan? Reverse mortgages allow older homeowners, 55 and older in some…

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How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce?

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce? By Elisa Reiter If you start with a definition from the dictionary, you may walk away without realizing what a wonderful device an owelty lien can be. Definition of OWELTY • Law Dictionary • TheLaw.com. Don’t walk away! Let’s say you and your partner are dissolving your…

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