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Get A Second Opinion on a Mortgage Rate

Second Opinion Could Save You Money!

Getting A Second Opinion on a Mortgage Rate A second opinion can prove to be very valuable. You should always seek out another opinion after a doctor gives you a shocking diagnosis. This applies to car repairs or air conditioning systems too. Second opinions are common in many industries and situations. Why wouldn’t you apply the same logic…

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How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce?

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce? By Elisa Reiter If you start with a definition from the dictionary, you may walk away without realizing what a wonderful device an owelty lien can be. Definition of OWELTY • Law Dictionary • TheLaw.com. Don’t walk away! Let’s say you and your partner are dissolving your…

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Rising Mortgage Rates Force Buyers to Make Offers

30 Year History of Mortgage Rates 2022

Rising Mortgage Rates Force Buyers to make offers You’ve likely heard that mortgage rates have risen and you are considering buying a home . It’s normal to wonder how mortgage rates will affect your homeownership plans, since they have risen by 2 percentage points. Buyers are responding in one of two ways today. They’re either buying now to avoid higher…

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Refinance Rates Drop Again |Refinance Now

Mortgage Rate Drop Announcement

Refinance rates drop as Fannie Mae removes adverse market fee. Refinance rates drop as #fanniemae and #freddiemac drop the adverse marketing fee.  This will enable more of the 12 million home owners that have not already refinanced take advantage of these new lower rates. Tumbling mortgage rates just went even lower following news that an…

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Are mortgage rates going to go up

Mortgage Rate Protection Plan

Are you concerned about rising mortgage rates? It’s a question many people are pondering as they try to decide whether now is the time for them to buy a home. Mortgage rates are still low, but if you wait until rates go up, then it will cost more money.  Basically, for every 1% increase in…

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