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Refinance Rates Drop Again |Refinance Now

Mortgage Rate Drop Announcement

Refinance rates drop as Fannie Mae removes adverse market fee. Refinance rates drop as #fanniemae and #freddiemac drop the adverse marketing fee.  This will enable more of the 12 million home owners that have not already refinanced take advantage of these new lower rates. Tumbling mortgage rates just went even lower following news that an…

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RefiNow ™ Explained |Lower Your Mortgage Payment

RefiNow™ Explained! Lower Your Mortgage Payment

RefiNow ™.  A new way to refinance your home loan.  It’s Easy! RefiNow™ is an affordable refinance option for homeowners who are interested in reducing their monthly housing costs by taking advantage of today’s low-interest rates. Available to borrowers at or below 80% of the area median income with debt-to-income ratios up to 65%, RefiNow…

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5 reasons you may want to refinance this year

Stop throwing money away on higher mortgage rates.

5 reasons you may want to refinance your McKinney, Texas home this year. I know the market well and McKinney home owners can save thousands by refinancing, especially existing FHA home owners. Mortgage rates are near historical lows, but could climb. The Federal Reserve raised the Prime Rate this year and may raise it again…

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