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Questions to ask before you hire a divorce attorney

You need the right legal representation to help you resolve a family matter or planning for a divorce. You also want to make sure that the family lawyer or divorce attorney you choose has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle cases similar to yours. It is important that you take the time to meet with potential divorce attorneys, regardless of how overwhelmed you may feel about the case you are trying to resolve.Questions to ask before you hire a divorce attorney

Questions to ask before you hire a family lawyer or divorce attorney.

Did you handle other cases similar to mine?

Do not accept a generic answer. Ask them to give you specific details about cases similar to yours. You can trust them to handle similar cases as yours if child support is a concern or home equity division is a requirement.

Can you take care of my case or will someone else?

If more than one person is working on your case, don’t say no immediately. A team of lawyers, supported by paralegals or associates, can be more efficient and save you money. You might also have outside consultants such as personal investigators and other advisors. You should understand the process.

What will you charge me?

It is okay to raise the topic of charges. It is best to know upfront how much it will cost and to avoid any surprises. Ask about any specific costs such as court fees, outside consultants and other expenses.

Ask the lawyer about hourly rates if they talk about the case. Also, inquire how long the case will take.  Ask them what is the criteria for a billable hour.

Now you understand my situation, how will you approach it?

The lawyer might not have a detailed strategy to share with us at this time. You will want to feel how aggressive the lawyer is and what their approach will likely be. The answer to this question alone could convince you that they are the right lawyer for you.

Is your request reasonable?

It’s possible to feel anxious, sad or depressed about the decision you are making, regardless of whether it is a divorce or a custody case or another family matter. It is possible that you are worried that your decision might not be right at this point. You might find your center and get reassurance by hearing the perspective of someone not directly involved in the case. Your lawyer’s answers will help you determine if you are the right person to work with.

Do your research before you hire a family lawyer. You need someone who will make you feel comfortable and protect your rights.

Do you understand what is required to qualify for a mortgage should I decide to keep the property, or do you have a Certified Divorce Lending Professional referral for me?

This question is very important to those individuals who which to keep the marital home after the divorce is finalized.  Since mortgage divorce attorneys are not loan officers nor do they have a loan officer license, they are not qualified to answer this question. A highly skilled and certified divorce lending professional is essential in this case.  

The best course of action, while still in the planning stage, is to have a conversation with a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, like Richard Woodward.  Richard can preapprove you for an equity buyout in much the same manner as one would be preapproved for a home purchase. Once preapproved, you can confidently progress to the filing stage and complete the process without difficulty.  For more information about this process visit Richard’s article, Divorce and Your Mortgage. What you should know.

 When you need to hire a family law attorney, take the time to do the right research to find the perfect lawyer for you. Referrals are a great resource, or you can view our Recommended Professionals Page.  Ultimately,  The Richard Woodward Mortgage Team wants to help and make this process as easy as possible.

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