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What to Know Before Taking Out a Home Renovation Loan

Pool with a view

If you’ve got a home renovation project in mind, then you are probably thinking of ways that you can afford it. If it is a major project that has the potential to improve the value of your home, then a home renovation loan may be right for you. Continue reading to learn more about considerations…

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Dallas Home renovation for a long-term payoff

Home upgrades that pay off

Whether you’re planning to list in the near future or thinking about refinancing at some point, adding value to your home is the smart, long-term play. Invest in these home renovation projects for a long-term payoff.  In this article, we’ll review several upgrades and renovation projects that add long-term value to your home in McKinney.  Did…

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Buying A Fixer-Upper Home Is Easier Than You Think

Buying A Fixer Upper Home Is Easier Than You Think

Buying a fixer-upper can be easy if you work with the right team.  According to noted penny pincher Dave Ramsey, if you’re in the market for a fixer-upper, chances are your competition is slim. That’s great news because it means the odds for scoring a sweet deal are in your favor.   The current real…

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Best Renovations to Make to Your Home Before selling

What are the best renovations to make to your home before selling it?  What about just for overall value improvement for your Dallas home?  Thanks to our friends at Keeping Current Matters and HGTV, we have some numbers for you. If you are planning to sell your Dallas home, I can help you with a…

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