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Dallas Home renovation for a long-term payoff

Whether you’re planning to list in the near future or thinking about refinancing at some point, adding value to your home is the smart, long-term play. Invest in these home renovation projects for a long-term payoff.  In this article, we’ll review several upgrades and renovation projects that add long-term value to your home in McKinney.  Did you know you can finance home renovations easily with our Renovation Home loans. 

Renovate your kitchen Home upgrades that pay off

More and more homeowners here in McKinney and throughout the Dallas Metroplex are opting to invest back into their homes by upgrading their kitchens. It’s a smart move: a mid-range kitchen remodel is one of the best changes you can make to your home, both in terms of practical functionality and long-term value. If your kitchen still has plastic countertops and aging cabinets, it’s time for an inventive redesign.

Plan your kitchen remodel around new countertops, cabinets, and floors. At a baseline, this is what you’ll need to add value to your kitchen. Also consider other kitchen features, like lighting, knobs and pulls, wallpaper, paint, appliances, and a tile backsplash.

Make your home more energy-efficient 

It’s something we know all too well here in McKinney: our summers can be brutal. The combination of heat and humidity probably has you running your air conditioner from April to October. If your home is inefficient and has multiple air leaks, you’re going to notice your utility bills going up and up. The great thing about energy-efficiency upgrades is that there’s no delayed payoff: you can start saving money right away.

Start by talking to your local HVAC company here in McKinney and checking whether or not they offer whole-home energy audits. This service not only helps you put together a checklist of upgrades to make, but it also helps you prioritize them. For example, if the audit reveals you have leaky air ducts, you should get that fixed first. Doing so will save you a lot of money compared to other efficiency projects.

Upgrade your HVAC systems  

Have you just been getting by with your home’s aging air conditioner? Are you waiting out the last days of your furnace? As they age, HVAC systems become far less reliable and less effective at keeping your home comfortable. They also become increasingly inefficient, using more energy to generate far less heating and cooling. It’s a lose-lose situation, and it’s why upgrading to a new air conditioner or furnace is a great move.

If you recently installed a new system, be proactive and protect it by scheduling seasonal furnace tune-ups. Preventative maintenance can go a long way toward both protecting your systems today and extending their lifespan in the many years to come. Here in McKinney, a spring AC tune-up is a must-have: it’ll ensure your air conditioner is ready for the hot and humid summer months ahead.

Kick off your home renovation project

Ready to get started? Talk to a licensed contractor to learn what these upgrades will cost. Also, take a look at this infographic. It has a full breakdown of just how much you can save by making smart improvements to your home.

How to finance home renovation projects

Financing home renovations is easy with our Homestyle Renovation or FHA 203K renovation loans.  To learn more about this programs visit our informational pages, blog posts or call an expert.

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