Filing taxes and buying a home Warning your loan might not close on time

You can use your tax refund for your down payment and closing. In order to do so you have to file your 2016 tax returns. Doing so while you’re trying to purchase a house tax filing time can cause some problems. Lenders are required to provide proof that you have actually filed your tax returns […]

Need a Low Down Payment Option for your home purchase

HomeReady mortgages are designed to encourage home ownership.  For those clients looking for a larger property or have higher credit scores, HomeReady is an excellent choice. You only need to make a 3% down payment for home loans up to $424,100.  The down payment can even be a gift from a relative or fiancé. Read […]

Facebook Secrets For Agent Success CE Class

Realtors Are you attracting leads with Facebook?  If not, this is a great starter class for you. Facebook Secrets for Agent Success CE class 1 hr Elective #31068.   Learn about Facebook and its massive impact on society today. With 1.65 Billion users as of January 1, 2016, this social media vehicle is an amazing […]

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Your Divorcing Couples Over 62 years old?

Divorcing later in life is not a new phenomenon, but it is becoming more and more common. Indeed, the increased occurrence of “grey divorce,” as it’s called, has been identified as a significant 21st century divorce trend. Even though the overall divorce rate is actually declining, it’s on the rise among older generations. Those of […]

A Reverse Mortgage Could Supplement Your Retirement Plan

Here is a great article about how to use a Reverse mortgage as part a saving plans. Many retirees are experiencing a shortfall in savings. Did you know you can extinguish your existing mortgage and allow your reverse mortgage to build a growing line of credit? Seniors can tap the line of credit when needed and […]

Low Down Payment Doctor home Loans with Flexible underwriting options

Doctor Home Loans.  The caring help you need when you are buying your home. From the time you first speak to The Richard Woodward Mortgage Team about your physicians home loan to the time you close, our highly trained team will focus on your needs.We understand each physician’s situation is different, including deferred student loans […]

Home Buyers Things You Should Know While You Are Waiting To Close

The seller has accepted your offer, and now you just got to sign the closing papers. Right? Unfortunately that is not right. Depending upon your level of pre-approval, you still may need to provide some additional documentation to your lender. I was watching TV the other night and saw an advertisement for Quicken Loans Rocket […]

Dallas Area Home Prices Soar In 2016 What Will 2017 Bring Us

I was reading an article on The Dallas Morning News entitled “Soaring Dallas-area home prices a third higher than before recession”. Dallas-area prices are about 33 percent higher than at the last housing market peak before the recession. Nationwide home prices are basically back to where they were before the housing market crash and recession, […]