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Reverse Mortgage

11 Tips to Save Big In Retirement

11 Money Saving Tips for Retirement

Save big in retirement with these helpful tips. After a lifetime of hard work, retirement seems like a finish line that many seniors can’t wait to reach. But the absence of a steady income and the high costs of housing, healthcare, utilities, and food isn’t cutting it for many seniors. That’s why we have compiled…

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The NEW Reverse Mortgage Seminar

The New Reverse Mortgage has changed dramatically. I am hosting The NEW Reverse Mortgage Seminar for individuals.  The NEW reverse mortgage has many new improvements and protections. Find out what you are missing out on. Do you know anyone retiring?  The vast majority of Americans that have recently retired or retiring today may find themselves…

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Reverse Mortgage Myths | The Truth about Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Myths _ The Truth about Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgage myths are very common. Reverse mortgages are different than a traditional forward mortgage, therefore many people are afraid of them.  Few people have studied the benefits and the guidelines but are quick to dismiss what they don’t understand.  My name is Richard Woodward, and I am a certified reverse mortgage specialist. I’m going…

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Reverse Mortgage Success Story

Reverse Mortgage Success Story

Here is a Reverse Mortgage success story.  You hear negative stories about reverse mortgages all the time.  Uniformed people are quick to criticize what they don’t know or understand. But the real truth is reverse mortgages are the perfect solution for many retiring individuals. I wanted to share with you a reverse mortgage success story…

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Why A Reverse Mortgage Does Not Cost Too Much

Why A Reverse Mortgage Does Not Cost To Much

Many critics will tell you that a reverse mortgage cost too much. Mind you, most of those critics have never studied reverse mortgages and are relying on misinformation to form an opinion. I wanted to share with you some great information provided by Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D. Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D. CFA, is a professor…

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What is a Reverse Mortgage

What is a Reverse Mortgage _ Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For Me.

What is a Reverse Mortgage? Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For Me. The answer is, well, maybe. Do you have lots of equity in your home? Do you have less than a couple of years worth of savings? Then yes! A reverse mortgage could be right for you. Do you have a regular mortgage and…

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Zero Monthly Mortgage Payment Joy With A Reverse Mortgage

Discover Your Zero Mortgage Payment Joy

The New Reverse Mortgages, zero monthly Mortgage payment joy with a Reverse Mortgage. Discover what you don’t know about The New Reverse Mortgage.  Safer, Better, Smarter. Can you relate to Jeanne & Frank? For years, this husband and wife team have helped others discover their zero mortgage payment joy* through Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM:…

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Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Unites Family

Best Move Ever with Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Unites Family. Lenore grew tired of traveling to see Sophie. Saying good-bye was just too sad. It was Lenore’s son-in-law who broached the idea of her moving nearby. Like many senior homeowners, Lenore had a great deal of equity in her far away home. But was concerned her finances might not…

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