Discover Your Zero Mortgage Joy

Discover Your Zero Mortgage Payment Joy

Meet Jeanne and Frank. They now Enjoy Zero Mortgage Joy For years, this husband and wife team have helped others discover their zero mortgage payment joy* through Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM: aka Reverse Mortgage).  Now it’s Jeanne and Frank’s turn to tap into their hard-earned equity and live without the stress of monthly mortgage payments. […]

The NEW Reverse Mortgage | Better, Safer, Life Changing

Get comfortable with a reverse mortgage

The NEW Reverse Mortgage Better, Safer, Life Changing. Here’s the story of a pretty typical retiring American. This lovely couple came to me after trying to get approved by numerous lenders. They did what many loving parents did. They used their life savings to help their children start a business. As the business failed they […]

How a reverse mortgage helped a senior purchase a home

Why Get Your Reverse Mortgage From Richard Woodward of Service First Mortgage

How a reverse mortgage helped an 84-year-old retired schoolteacher purchase a home even with horrible credit.  She needed to sell her existing larger home so she could move closer to her grandchildren and save the expense of a large home. Many seniors try to help their adult children by cosigning credit accounts with them. Unfortunately, […]