Discover Your Zero Mortgage Joy

Meet Jeanne and Frank. They now Enjoy Zero Mortgage Joy

For years, this husband and wife team have helped others discover their zero mortgage payment joy* through Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM: aka Reverse Mortgage)Now it’s Jeanne and Frank’s turn to tap into their hard-earned equity and live without the stress of monthly mortgage payments. *

Discover Your Zero Mortgage Payment Joy

Discover Your Zero Mortgage Payment Joy


Many of their real estate clients have used a reverse mortgage to purchase new homes.  But, after raising three kids in the family home, they’re looking forward to making more memories in it.  Thanks to their reverse mortgage, they’ll also have access to funds they may need down the road.

Breathe Easier with Reverse Mortgage  … According to financial experts, seniors in our country have accumulated between $6-8 trillion in home equity (Reasons why Baby Boomers are a Market to Watch, David Loman). Equity that can be put to good use.

In place since the 1980’s, the benefits of a government secured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM aka Reverse Mortgage) for senior homeowners 62+ are many, including:

  • Zero Monthly Mortgage Payment Joy*
  • Funds for Medical or Dental expenses
  • Accessible cash for home improvement
  • Greater New Home Purchasing Power

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