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What is a 3-2-1 Temporary mortgage rate buydown?

Mortgage Rate Buydown

DON’T LET TODAY’S INTEREST RATES KEEP YOU FROM BUYING A HOME We’re expanding our Temporary Mortgage Rate Buydowns to help you receive even bigger savings of up to 3% off your initial rate. Choose from 3-2-1, 2-1, 1-1 and 1-0 buydowns, available immediately! They’re available for conventional, FHA and VA borrowers who need a lower…

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Mortgage Rates Jump to Over 6%! Is It Time To Panic?


Mortgage Rates Jump to Over 6%!  Is It Time To Panic? Mortgage Rates have increased to 6.33% for conventional loans for a national average as of September 16th, 2022 but historically that is not too bad.  FHA, VA, and USDA  mortgage rates are near 5.75% nationally.  This is the highest mortgage rates have been since…

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How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce?

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce

How Can An Owelty Lien Ease Your Divorce? By Elisa Reiter If you start with a definition from the dictionary, you may walk away without realizing what a wonderful device an owelty lien can be. Definition of OWELTY • Law Dictionary • TheLaw.com. Don’t walk away! Let’s say you and your partner are dissolving your…

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No MI With Just 10% Down On Your Next Mortgage

10 Down is the new 20 down

No mortgage insurance for you! No MI with just 10% down on your next mortgage is available now for well-qualified homebuyers.  The Richard Woodward Team is here to make mortgages easier – and less expensive.  Get the best program custom-designed for your needs, low rates and cost. What Is Mortgage Insurance And How Does It…

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Bridge Loans | How do Bridge loans work?

What is a Bridge Loan

Bridge Loans | How to Buy Your Next Home Using a Bridge Loan without selling first. A bridge loan is often used in real estate transactions to provide cash flow during a transitional period, such as while moving from your current residence into your new home. Homeowners can use these short-term loans, which can help…

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