Buying A Fixer-Upper Home Is Easier Than You Think

Buying A Fixer Upper Home Is Easier Than You Think

Buying a fixer-upper can be easy if you work with the right team.  According to noted penny pincher Dave Ramsey, if you’re in the market for a fixer-upper, chances are your competition is slim. That’s great news because it means the odds for scoring a sweet deal are in your favor.   The current real […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Credit Advice

Credit during a divorce

Great credit is a wonderful thing to have.  Here are the Dos and Don’ts of credit advice.  If healthy credit is something that you’re serious about, you’ve probably been searching for information or talking to friends and family. It’s important to pay attention to where you’re getting your information from. People tend to gather information […]

Equity Buy Out Preapproval During A Divorce

Equity Buy Out PreApproval During A Divorce

Equity Buy Out Preapproval During A Divorce is just as important to obtaining mortgage preapproval to purchase a new home. It has been common practice for many years. A preapproval shows the home seller that the buyer has the financial strength to obtain mortgage financing to successfully complete the purchase transaction. The mortgage purchase preapproval […]

Best Renovations to Make to Your Home Before selling

p Renovation To Complete Before You Sell Your Home

What are the best renovations to make to your home before selling it?  What about just for overall value improvement for your Dallas home?  Thanks to our friends at Keeping Current Matters and HGTV, we have some numbers for you. If you are planning to sell your Dallas home, I can help you with a […]

Voluntary Child Support Payments and Mortgage Financing | Divorce

Voluntary Child Support Agreement

Voluntary child support payments are the right thing to do in many cases when going through a divorce but how does that affect mortgage financing? Qualifying for a mortgage during or after a divorce may seem cumbersome to many with the proof of receipt of income, copies of documents and more. But what if there […]

Mortgage rate update for Dallas Texas November 16, 2018

Mortgage Rate Market update 11.16.2018

Mortgage rate update for Dallas Texas November 16, 2018. Mortgage rates improved slightly this week in response to a comment from Vice-Chairman statement cautioning on global economic slow down.  He stated that it could begin to affect the US and this resulted in the bond yield declining. Additional blog post you should read. How to […]

Mortgage Interest rate update for Dallas Texas October 26 2018

Mortgage Rate Market update 10.26.2018

Mortgage Interest rate update for Dallas Texas October 26 2018.   Current Mortgage Rate Trend Direction:  Modestly higher Advise for Clients for mortgage rate lock: Continue floating as Stocks endure pain, for now Disappointing earnings from Google and Amazon are pushing Stocks lower again this morning, while giving Bonds a boost higher. Today’s drop in Stocks […]

Dallas and Fort Worth Home Prices and Sales Down

Single-family median home prices July 2017 versus July 2018

Dallas and Fort Worth home prices Market Report July 2018. This information looks to indicate that the housing market is somewhat slowing, or rather, returning to normal pace.  The Dallas market still continues to be a very attractive place in order to purchase your next home. Continued economic growth will keep housing demand strong for […]