You Do Not Need 20% down to buy a home

The 3% down payment home loan program has been updated to help more people qualify. You Do Not Need 20% down to buy a home anymore.
Are you looking for a low down payment mortgage in Dallas or the greater Texas area? Do you want to buy a Dallas Texas home and only want to put 3% down? With our conventional 3% down or HomeReady home loans you can buy your dream home with very little down payment.  Again, you don’t need 20% down anymore.

The 3% Down Payment Home Loan is a program which allows for a 3 percent down payment, low mortgage insurance rates, and a 100% gift from blood or by-marriage relatives. At least one borrower on the loan must be a first time home buyer for the HomeReady Program but not for a regular 3% down.
We even offer this loan with Lender Paid Mortgage insurance to help keep your payments as low as possible. If you are looking for a 3% down payment home loan in Dallas contact The Richard Woodward Mortgage Team.
Another option is a Fannie Mae version called HomeReady and a Freddie Mac version called Home Possible, both offer even better payment options but are limited by income and requires Home-Buyer Education and Counseling.

3% Down Conventional Mortgage from The Richard Woodward Mortgage Team

The 3% down payment mortgage program, for which the 3% down payment may come as a gift, is an excellent alternative to FHA loans. In many respects, it’s more aggressive than the FHA’s mortgage in that guidelines are simpler and less-restrictive.
FHA offers as 3.5% down payment and with VA and USDA home loans, buyers can buy with no down payment at all.
The 3% Down Payment Home Loan program requires a 3 percent down payment plus closing cost. The 3 percent minimum is based on the lower of the home’s appraised value or purchase price. 3 percent on a $200,000 home purchase is $6,000 for down payment. Closing cost, tax and insurance escrows, and 1st years insurance is also do at closing but can be paid by the seller if negotiated.  Read all the details here.
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