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Rising Mortgage Rates Force Buyers to Make Offers

30 Year History of Mortgage Rates 2022

Rising Mortgage Rates Force Buyers to make offers You’ve likely heard that mortgage rates have risen and you are considering buying a home . It’s normal to wonder how mortgage rates will affect your homeownership plans, since they have risen by 2 percentage points. Buyers are responding in one of two ways today. They’re either buying now to avoid higher…

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$600 Appraisal Credit Available for Home Buyers

Appraisal paid for

I’m offering up to $600 credit towards your appraisal for home buyers.  I want to help you become a homeowner. For a limited time only, I will credit you $600 towards your appraisal cost at closing for all loans that originate between now and March 31st 20222. All you need to do is prequalify with…

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Mortgage rate Lock and Shop Program for home buyers

Introducing mortgage rate lock and shop program

Introducing our Mortgage Rate Lock & Shop Program. Traditionally, home buyers are unable to lock in an interest rate until they have found a home and executed a purchase contract. Most mortgage lenders will not allow you to lock in the interest rate until they receive an executed purchase contract. That’s normally okay in a…

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Guaranteed Home Loan Closing Program

29 Day Guaranteed Closing Certificate

Our Guaranteed Home Loan Closing Program enables homebuyers to better compete in this low inventory housing market. One of the reasons many offers don’t get accepted is that the buyer is not pre-approved or is just pre-qualified by a lender that does not have a reputation for closing on time. My name is Richard Woodward,…

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A Millennial’s Musts For First-Time Home Buyer

Buyer Tips Budget Planning Tool

Adulting is never easy. Becoming a First-Time Home Buyer can be easy. Turning your temp job into a career, investing your money, and navigating life like a boss is a lot to handle for the modern millennial. But one thing they do dominate is the housing market. As a whole, millennials accounted for 37% of…

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