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How To Get Your Offer Accepted In A Dallas Hot Housing Market

Getting your offer accepted in a hot housing market can be a challenge.  Buying a house in Dallas or Plano or Frisco is challenging right now.  In this video, we are going to discuss the hot Dallas housing market and what to do to get your offer accepted.  Currently, there are fewer houses for sale in Dallas and surrounding areas than there are home buyers. Here are some tips that can help you get your offer accepted, even if you are a first-time homebuyer.

Get Pre-Approved before the offer.

House shopping is so much more fun than actually doing the little bit of work it requires to get preapproved. You may think that you have great credit so anyone should accept your offer. Well just keep in mind that 20 other people may be offering to buy the house, the same house you fell in love with.

Getting pre-approved is different than prequalification. According to Zillow, Pre-qualification is often seen as the first step in the mortgage process, and pre-approval is the next step.  Most online and big national lenders don’t really encourage full approval because it does take additional time and resources by a knowledgeable licensed loan officer. But making an offer to buy a house in a hot market like Dallas without a preapproval letter from a local reputable lender is fool hearty.

The Richard Woodward Mortgage Team of Service first mortgage works hard to get your offer accepted. We will call the listing agent and Sell them on your offer. This helps wins many bidding wars because listing agents want to know the loan officer will work hard to close on time as promised.

The buyers’ agent works for you.

Having a great and knowledgeable buyer agent helps you as well. They will call the listing agent as well and with skillful negotiations, they can discover the sellers “hot buttons”. These are things like, a quick closing date, a long leaseback, a flexible closing date, the down payment, escrow or the amount of earnest money, full loan approval, forgoing a home warranty, loan type that could influence the agent.

Write a letter to the seller.

Buying and selling a home is very emotional. A good buyers agent can help you write a heartfelt letter as to why you wish to buy this home. I may sound corny, but it works.

So is you would like t to begin the easy process of preapproval, simply call my team at (214) 945-1066 or click on the apply now tab and complete a full application. You will receive the team approach that helps you succeed when you make an offer to by a house in Dallas.

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